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Portable Wipe

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Portable Wipe


When will your beta of portable eraser available?

I am using sdelete which is a commandline wipe from sysinternal
I wrote a batch file so that any folder or file that is dragged over will be "directed" to sdelete.exe to do recursive wiping.

The issue was that the directory entries are still valid for NTFS and FAT16 systems when i do file recovery.

Does your portable eraser clean up directories entries?

Would love to do some test on it when it comes available

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Secure Wiper

Try CyberShredder v1.10

available free from

From the included help file

"CyberShredder is a handy utility that lets you erase confidential files from your computer permanently.

"...CyberShredder overwrites the space occupied from a file with random data and erases the file, so an unerase utility will never be able to recover it.

"CyberShredder's simple interface will help you get rid of confidential data permanently. It has three different methods of deleting files including the NSA approved seven-pass file deletion method.

"Please note that files and directories erased by CyberShredder can not be recovered using an undelete program. Make sure you use it with care. We recommend that you learn how to use the program by testing its behaviour with some test data first.

"...CyberShredder DOES NOT use the Windows registry. In order to keep its settings, it just creates a simple CyberShredder.ini file in the same folder with the executable. If you want to uninstall CyberShredder, simply delete the executable and the ini file".

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Sorry for resurrecting this

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I too am curious if there will be a portable version of Eraser ( in the future. Much better if it can be a Portable Eraser Live (from CD) as well.

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