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jPortable 6?

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jPortable 6?


I've been using jPortable for a while and like it a lot. Now I need to work on a project with an old library that requires the older Java versions (it won't work with the current jPortable_7*). Where can I download the older jPortable_6* packages? Thanks for any help.


John T. Haller
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Here, but insecure

They're here:

We stopped updating Java 6 back in February of last year, so it is now insecure. You'll need to be sure to install it to a non-standard location so your portable browsers won't use it.

Any software that relies on outdated versions of Java should generally be avoided.

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Much appreciated!

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I too have to use a tool (Appcelerator Titanium) that still insists on Java 6. When last I looked, the Community was pleading for Java 7 support, but the developers are resisting

Hans Henderson
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sometimes unavoidable

Yes some uniquely valuable or in-house developed J-apps do require the old stuff.

I have found it completely unnecessary to do anything special to "portablize" any version of Java.

Just install as usual to a "scratch" machine and then copy the resulting folders over to D:\aasync\PortableApps\CommonFiles\JavaXXX.

Leave the "master" one most commonly used - probably your Jportable setup listed as "Java" by itself and the "static snapshot" one JRE_6u45 or whatever you like.

Then just create a launcher batch file - here's a relevant sample line I use for JEdit - note some apps may need environment variables, appends to the %PATH% etc.

>> start "close me" "..\CommonFiles\JRE_6u45\bin\javaw.exe" -Xms64M -Xmx192M -jar "..\jEdit_v452\jedit.jar" %* -settings=%CD%\..\JEdit-UserSettings01

Note the above is all one command-line, here's a more minimal example:

start "close me" "..\CommonFiles\JRE_6u45\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "..\path\to.jar"

Hope that helps.

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