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Can't install flash

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Can't install flash

I have searched all over the place for how to get flash working on firefox portable. All the directions I have either haven't worked or the links to particular files are broken.

I'm on a work computer where It restricts admin access and I am at a total loss on how to get this to work. There is a lot of talk about you need to copy files to the "plugins" folder, but it isn't there in my files. I have also hear people saying copy in .dll files or .xpi files and I don't have copies of those and they aren't on my computer because they are centralized on our work network.

Any help would be great!

Firefox version: 21

John T. Haller
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You Can't

Currently, you need to install Flash locally and copy files out. Adobe has purposely made it difficult to get the files outside of their installer. And their installer is stored so you can't extract files from it using 7-Zip, Universal Extractor, etc.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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It seems it changed since

It seems it changed since Firefox 21?
There is no more "plugins" directory in the Firefox install folder.

With this information : I checked the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\" to find out that the plugins files for Flash are now in "C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash"

It seems that we now have to track the .dlls all over our hard disks to copy them in the Firefox Portable plugins directory.

... OK.

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New Location

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the plugins location has changed in Firefox 21.

It has moved from

You may (probably will) need to create the plugins folder within the browser folder.

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Installing Plugins (Java, Flash, Shockwave, etc.)

If the above fails, try the alternate (and more geeky) method:

1. Install the plugin in a local copy of Firefox (on your hard drive)
2. Locate your plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\)
3. Copy the plugin you need from there to your FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins directory (Some Examples: For Flash, copy NPSWF32.dll... for Shockwave, copy np32dsw.dll)

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This is not helpful. The

This is not helpful. The Flash_Plugin_for _Firefox_Portable returns an error message, "Error: HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found." Creating a "plugins" folder in the FirefoxPortable directory does not help. Like the original poster, I do not have Admin access and cannot install Firefox on the desktop. The version of Flash on the desktop computer is the version for Internet Explorer only, and will not work with Firefox.

Conclusion: From this thread I conclude there is now no way to install Flash in FirefoxPortable, so that app is useless. Use GoogleChromePortable instead. It has lots of problems with Flash, too, but at least it works as long as you're patient.

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I have the similar problem

I have the similar problem recently.

My laptop is running Win7 64bit and my FF portable is version 22.

I have tried to install flash in almost all ways(default from adobe website, copy dll to FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins, copy dll to FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\browser\plugins, rename NPSWF64_11_8_800_94.dll to NPSWF32.dll, etc) and many many times but always failed.

In the meanwhile, I tried to use Chrome portable and it works well. But my favorite is still FF.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks!

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To install flash, go to

To install flash, go to Adobe's Flash homepage and download it. You must have the regular version of Firefox installed to do this, but you will only do it once.
Browse to your local profile directory and look for a folder called plugins. If that didn't work, search your Windows drive for NPSWF32.DLL. Open the containing folder.
Open your Firefox Portable plugins folder, located in the Data folder.
Copy every file from the local plugins folder to the plugins folder.This post about installing flash manually may help you too

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Many thanks for your

Many thanks for your help!

My laptop is running Win7 64bit pro and my FirefoxPortable is now version 23.0.1. But I found several files when I tried to search "NPSWF32.DLL" and several "plugins"folder in my firefox portableapps.

NPSWF32_11_8_800_94.dll (c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash)
NPSWF32.dll (c:\program files (x86)\comon files\adoble ai...)
NPSWF32.dll (c:\program files (x86)\adobe\reader 11.0\rea...)
NPSWF32.dll (c:\windows\install\$patchcache$\managed\...)
NPSWF32.dll (c:\program files(x86)\adobe help cent...)
NPSWF32.dll (c:\program files(x86)\adboe bridge\br...)


May I get your help again which dll files I should copy to which folder?
Thanks again!

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