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email won't send

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email won't send

i double checked with my hosting company and i have the server correctly input. i still can not send email. any tips?

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some more details

what is your email host? What are the setting you have in TB? Are you behind a really restrictive firewall, like in a locked down office?

Incoming server? Outgoing server? Authentication?

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host monster is my host name.
i'm not in a locked down office i'm doing this from home.
server is
how do i find out about authentication? don't know where that is.
thanks, in advance, for your help.
best regards,

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contact provider

your mail provider has to give you all details also about authentication and ports used etc.

While default port for sending mails is 25, most providers will not accept mails there from individual clients. You will have to use port 587 for that then.

Authentication for sending mail can be also different. Sometimes accessing the POP or IMAP server prior to sending might be enough, but more often you need to enter user name and password for sending mail too.
Sometimes the authentication can be encrypted, but not all servers use that. They may use SSL encryption instead.
The provider will give you the exact information as what needs to be entered where.

Did you set up the SMTP (outgoing server) under account settings?
There you will find also place where to enter the user name. Password will be asked when you first time attempt to send the mail.
It is usually same as for receiving mail, but not always.
Also the name of the outgoing server might be the same as receiving, but not always.
Again: provider will give you details, try to visit his website, there you may find all infos.

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thank you.

i figured it out. thank you so much for the help.

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