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Using Desktop Firefox and Firefox Portable at the same time

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Using Desktop Firefox and Firefox Portable at the same time

If I start Firefox Portable first it is not possible to start the installed version of "Desktop Firefox". Is there a solution?

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As far as I know No it is not

It is not wise to start "Firefox Portable" and then attempt to start "Desktop Firefox".
It is also not wise to start "Desktop Firefox" and then attempt to start "Firefox Portable"

If you are lucky,
it will just launch a new window of the already running Firefox.
If you are unlucky,
One (or both) profiles will become corrupt.

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Oh come on, it won't be that

Oh come on, it won't be that drastic. Blum

The launcher will stop the second instance from running. You can override this in FirefoxPortable.ini, but it is not advised. You can look at this thread on how to do it if you really must though. Side effects will include data left behind on the host computer and potential profile collisions (though that's less likely to happen).

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Running from hard drive?

If one is running the portable version from the local hard drive, then leaving data behind is probably not a significant issue.

As a rule, I've always used AllowMultipleInstances (which actually just uses the -no-remote flag built into Firefox--not a "hack"). A long time ago in WinXP I had to use a small batch script specifying -no-remote when starting the locally-installed Firefox after having started Firefox Portable in order to keep the instances separate. Then I stopped using anything but Firefox Portable--never even installed Firefox locally. Now, on a Win7 machine I do also have Firefox installed locally and occasionally use it. Strangely, I can start either one first--local or portable (of which I have many instances), and they never get confused about using anything other than their default profiles. Naturally, the portable versions *always* use their own profiles regardless.

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Everything you said was

Everything you said was right. I was just giving a warning about the problems that --no-remote can cause for the portable version. Mainly registry (I believe).

John will probably come by and correct me. Smile

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It's possible

You should be able to run both at the same time.

However, I've seen problems with the plugin-container.exe. If Firefox crashes, you may want to disable that on the portable version.

Disable Plugin-container
1. Open Firefox
2. Type about:config in the address bar, press enter
3. In the Search bar, type dom.ipc.plugins
4. Double-click dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to set value false
5. If there are other dom.ipc.plugins.*.enabled entries, set them to false also

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Nonsense !?

As I Remember it is NOT such thing in about:config - dom.ipc.plugins,
However, Not in FF 18.0.2
If I am in wrong, please correct me (I am just Human !)

Respectfully yours

email and phone removed by mod JTH. not permitted here.

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Seems that is somebody to lazy here !!!

Portable apps is OK, but for Browsers especially for Firefox that is nonsense !!!
And after so many years nobody in is not able to solve that quite simple problem, how to run Firefox portable and standard in same time !!!!
Shame on you PortableApps !!!

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Sorry, but you are not right.

Sorry, but you are not right. That problem has been solved years ago. The solution is given in this thread (refer to gluxons postings). And again on Feb. 5th by John in that thread.
You see, no need to rant.
Btw. your exclamation mark seems stuck. Wink

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Uninstalling Desktop Firefox after downloadin Portable version

I hope this is sufficiently on topic ---- my apologies if not.

After I have installed Firefox to a Memory Card (drive D) I want to uninstall the Desktop version (drive C). When I have tried something similar with another program I found both programs being uninstalled. I stopped it but not in time, the Portable version was corrupted and I will have to download it again. How do I stop this happening again? I have several programs on my HDD I want to remove and replace with Portable versions on my Memory Card.

(I I am in the wrong place can you tell me where my post should be and how I start a new posting ---- thanks.


J Neutron
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Pull it out?

Why don't you just pull the memory card out before you uninstall the version on your hard drive?

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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Open firefox and firefox portable in same time

can be easiest !!!
Go to FirefoxPortable\Other\Source and copy the FirefoxPortable.ini file to the main FirefoxPortable folder.
Change the line AllowMultipleInstances=false to AllowMultipleInstances=true
(Or search Web and you will find:

(PortableApps crew: please give people answer on common problems, don't leave in it the dark, And watch how they are agonize and can not to find solution !!! (Very often for very simple problem !) I am sure that you know answer on this question !!! )

John T. Haller
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Well Known, Some Issues

This is well known and documented right in the files included with Firefox Portable. The readme.txt states:

The AllowMultipleInstances entry will allow Firefox Portable to run alongside your
regular local copy of Firefox if you set it to true (lowercase). The default is false.

Note that this will use -no-remote which will do a couple things. First, it will break Firefox's ability to take command line parameters and open links or any other files from other apps. Second, it will leave some files behind on every PC you use rendering it not fully portable.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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