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portable command promps

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portable command promps

i think the command prompt of windows xp should bec0ome a portable for those who need quick access to it

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Why is there any need? It is

Why is there any need? It is built into every PC anyway. If it is locked down, then I doubt any third party replacement would work, as they would have to interface with the normal one in some way anyway... Maybe I'm wrong though...

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You're right, there's really

You're right, there's really no need, but if someone did want a portable command line, check out Console

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Using PStart...

You can add a shortcut to c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe (assuming that %windir% is standard on the machine), and use '/k "%pdrive%"' as the command line parameters. This will open a command window to the root of your portable drive.

Or, you could build a launcher program with NSIS to check the %ComSpec% environment variable, and execute that directly. Here's some starting code (that doesn't take command line parameters to change directories):

Name "Command Window Portable"
OutFile "cmdPortable.exe"
Caption "Command Window Portable"
SilentInstall silent
Icon "${NSISDIR}\Contrib\Graphics\Icons\llama-blue.ico"

Section "Main"
    ReadEnvStr $R0 "COMSPEC"
    Exec $R0

I may actually replace my shortcuts with this app.

Legal Stuff: I hereby release the above code to the public domain. Enjoy. Smile

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