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Updating requires interrogation

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Updating requires interrogation

I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up before. I was updating apps. I knew it would take awhile so I started the update of twelve or so apps from the update option in the Portable Apps Platform menu.

Have you ever used Ninite? You check a dozen apps and everything installs in the background and a while later it tells you it's done? Portable Apps doesn't work like that. Every single program interrogates you. Where do you want to install? Do you agree to the terms? What is your dog's maiden name?

I came back in the morning and nothing had been updated. It was asking a question for the first program update. Where do you want to install Mozilla Firefox? On the drive where Portable Apps is installed, dummy! I'm wasting lots of time under the bright lights being interrogated by an installation program here. If Ninite can fix that, so can Portable Apps!

I've been using Portable Apps since the beginning and it's the only reason I own a flash drive! Thanks for what you do.

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It Doesn't, Unless...

The Platform's updater doesn't show the installers for any apps being updated unless there is an EULA (aka license screen) that needs to be agreed to.

If the installers show up and ask where to install, generally that means 1 of 2 things happened. Either you closed the PA.c Platform's menu and left the updater running (don't do that) or you're launching from a non-standard Windows start menu like Pokki, Classic Start Menu, or similar (these can mess up some of Windows' internals and prevent apps from properly using Windows messages and environment variables).

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I'm getting the full

I'm getting the full interrogation for each program being updated. The worst part of it is that I'm here working on other things. I have to check in about every fifteen minutes to see if there's a dialog box I have to answer. I've been updating from 9 am to 12:40 pm and all that time I have no access to the Portable Apps start app to be able to use any of the software! All I have is dialog box after dialog box overlaid on the base update window.

Hold on, Notepad++ is telling me it has fully installed and when I press finish it will allow the next app to install. This is really crazy.

You ought to check out Ninite, which has totally bypassed all this inconvenience. You select all your apps, press install and the entire process, including EULAs is background. You don't have any aggravation. When it's done it pops you a dialog box and says you can get to work.

I'm working from an unmodified Windows 7 Professional installation. Portable Apps console is open. I'm getting the full treatment by every installer.


So I cancelled out all the installers until they were gone. Then I discovered you are right. The Portable Apps console WAS closed just as you said might be the case. Now it's open and I again went into the update option and all the remaining apps were downloaded before installation of any of them began. All prompts are within the Portable Apps update dialog box now.

Something during the night must have caused the console to shut down.

It still would be a great thing to make the update completely hands-off with all EULA agreements done as a batch at the beginning of the process. Then letting the programs update unattended over night would be possible.

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