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Avant Browser

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Avant Browser

I found this browser on the net a couple days ago... and I was wondering if it was possible to tweak it so you could use it portably...

The browser is called "Avant Browser"... it is nice... so is it possible?

You can get it here... ""

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Not gonna happen unless you

Not gonna happen unless you can convince them to release the source. Avant is released under a proprietary license, so we won't touch it. If you want to write a launcher for personal use, go right ahead, just don't redistribute it.

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If memory serves, it uses Internet Explorer anyway.
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...In which case... which case, yer better off going with MY IE/Maxthon Greenbrowser...

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Never understood Maxathon.

Whats the point?

Its is basically an IE skin in the end. Now that IE has tabs it pretty much has the same functionality. Maxathon uses your IE favorites and settings.

I discovered this when I had Maxathon for U3. I noticed that my favorites were not traveling with me. Not very portable if you ask me.

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It leaves some information,

It leaves some information, it's a big disadvantage.
But I can live without it - I just have most frequently used pages opened every session. For many others I use aliases.
It's as powerful as FireFox with many plugins, faster and 30 times smaller.

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Well to tell you the truth... I am using it right now... as I type this... all I did was install the browser on to my flash drive... and so far it is working fine... I just don't know... if it leaves anything in the registry... I need to find out.

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Avant is really nice..

Avant is also my favourite browser with lots of functions.. and if you want to use it in a flash drive, you don't need to redistribute it or something else. it is just has a portable version Smile

you need to remove or (move to another file) "uptade.exe" and "ascv.exe" that's all. then just put it in your portableapps

you can also check latest portable version in Avant's forum:

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