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Portable Firefox + Portable RoboForm.

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Portable Firefox + Portable RoboForm.

I thought I would share this with everyone as I didn't see the application listed on this site.

Portable Firefox + Portable RoboForm

Portable Firefox can be used from any portable drive without installing it on a computer.

The Mozilla Adapter executable didn't work for me so I just went ahead and installed the roboform-firefox-1.5.xpi extension and it works a treat.

Pass2Go (Portable RoboForm) was the first application I had that was truly portable and got me interested in trying to run everything I need from standalone installations on my portable drive. Then I discovered John T. Haller and his portable applications such as FireFox and Thunderbird which was great and then became an obsession ;). I am glad that this community has grown and will hopefully drive the development of more of these types of applications. Keep up the good work.