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Conflict between Firefox and Just Gesture

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Conflict between Firefox and Just Gesture

Just Gesture is mouse gesture program for windows xp. I am using it from several months and really make the things lot easier for me but i think there is conflict between it and Firefox portable which doesn't allow me to use Firefox portable.

The program has a option to disable itself on programs chosen by the user and remain disabled when a specified program is the active window. I have normal install of Firefox and i had setup Just Gesture to disable itself when Firefox is the active window so i can use the gestures from Firegesture addon that i have installed on Firefox.

The problem for me is that this doesn't work for portable version of Firefox. If i blacklist FirefoxPortable.exe this doesn't deactivate Just Gesture when Firefox portable is the active window and i can't use the Firegesture addon.

My request is if someone can test this on his computer and see if it will work for him.

If someone is willing to do this you can download Just Gesture from developer site, who it seems doesn't support his program any more -

The program is really easy to use and to add FirefoxPortable.exe to the blacklist just do this:
From settings go to Auto Mode and set Default State to Auto Enable, and Auto State to Black List.
Then go to Black List>Add new and add FirefoxPortable.exe to the list.

Then right click on the program system tray icon and choose Autobehave start.

Now start your portable firefox and see if you can perform any gesture when it is the active window. If you can't perform gestures it means that the settings work, if you can perform it means that the settings doesn't work.

Sorry, to ask for this but i don't know from where else to get support for this issue.


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You should be able to blacklist the firefox.exe within X:\PathTo\FirefoxPortable\App\firefox.exe. FirefoxPortable.exe is the launcher, not the window shown. The Firefox in the listing already is likely only works with an installed version. Just blacklist the specific firefox.exe within Firefox Portable and you should be good to go.

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Last seen: 4 years 9 months ago
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Thanks!!! I didn't know i

Thanks!!! I didn't know i have to use firefox.exe in app folder.

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