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Automatic Updates

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Automatic Updates

Hello Again everyone:

Now and then, I run across a problem with my portable apps. I am using the 11.2 version, and am unable to update my apps.

Last night I saw a lot of automatic updates for the portable apps I have in my menu on my USB drive, (16 gig) so, I clicked to install the updates. I received a confirmation massage that the updates were available in the menu. I thought no more about it. I shut down my computer, and unplugged the USB drive as usual.
This afternoon, I turned on my computer and plugged in my USB drive. The same updates from last night popped up again; I clicked to install the updates again, and the message popped up that they were available in the menu. To make sure that they installed this time, I ran the update manually, and the same updates appeared for installation;

Can anyone tell me why the updates weren't automatically


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You Didn't Select Anything, Turn Off Screen Reader Mode

You have Screen Reader Mode turned on under Advanced Options. In this mode, nothing is selected by default unless you manually highlight it. Either highlight each option or turn off screen reader mode. When not in screen reader mode, all are selected by default.

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