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Encrypted backup with toucan

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Encrypted backup with toucan

I would like to backup my pictures in a Cloud Storage. I choose toucan because it supports encryption.
The scenario:
I want toucan to run in the backround and if new files arrive in the source folder they should be copied in the destination folder (encrypted). The problem is that I can choose encryption just in the "Backup" tab and I don't find an explanation what "mirror" means in the manual.
Which option do you suggest for this scenario?

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Mirror is a sort of update,

Mirror is a sort of update, which tries to keep the files in the archive file in sync with the source (i.e. not only add, but also remove or update). Latest Dev Test 3 version has Mirror mode description added.

You could create a custom Lua job, which would first update your archive file using e.g. Mirror mode of Backup and then use Sync job to copy that over to the cloud storage. Though you'd need to trigger it manually or use some other software, which would trigger it upon any changes in the source dir.

If you don't mind cloud service provider would see your files, you could directly update the archive file stored in the cloud, i.e. use only the Backup part of the above.

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