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LO Calc, How to delete certain rows in spreadsheet automatically

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LO Calc, How to delete certain rows in spreadsheet automatically

Hi all,

I am doing some taxes for some elderly people & I gave them a spreadsheet to use for charitable giving but now I need to edit it down and have a minor problem.

I need some kind/type of command that will automatically delete certain rows that do not have any items in them.
I know I could do this by hand but it certainly is labor intensive & I worry that I might delete a row through error that they need.
Is there a way to automate this process?

Columns A, B, & C are fixed items/values, Rows 7 & 8 of cols B thru H repeat later on down with different thing in A7.
They only had to fill in columns D, E, & G and the rest (F & H) would be computed.
There are some rows at the end of each 'set' where A is blank and B & C have zeroes in them.

This one 'set' is just one of many that I have to clean up for just this couple, there are many more to do!

Thanks a bunch, I very much appreciate any & all help I can get!
Cindy ;>)

If there is a way to include an image to make things more clear, please let me know how to do so.

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Sort, then delete

The easiest way without getting crazy with programming or macros, etc, is to just highlight the whole spreadsheet (or the lines in that section), sort on that column (which will group all the offending lines together), delete the lines, then sort the remainder back to the original (probably date).

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some screenshots

Indeed would some screenshots (with some notations within these screenshots) make your problem more transparently.

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you may get better

you may get better suggestions on one of the boards that deal directly with using LO or
for exemple:

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