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Portable Apps Menu - Scaling problem on high resolution desktops

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Portable Apps Menu - Scaling problem on high resolution desktops

I've downloaded and "installed" the Portable Apps Suite Basic, to take a look at the new menu app.

When I launch the menu, it doesnt display well. The graphic background is too small and does not reach all the way to the lower right of the menu. It appears that all the elements are invisibily in place. I do no click on the graphic "X" to close, but some invisible spot in the lower righ, where the "X" should be, if the background had scaled correctly.

Here is a screenshot -


I'm not sure where to post
feature ideas, so here is one...
Right-click on the PortableMenu
icon in system tray for menu with
option to close.

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Fix in other thread

There's a fix being tested here:

(I know you posted there, but this is in case anyone runs across your post here)

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