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QLandkarte GT

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QLandkarte GT

QLandkarte GT

Open Source

QLandkarte GT is a powerful Open Source GIS application to display your GPS data on a variety of maps. It's target is less the scientific user but the private outdoor aficionado with a crush on hightech equipment. It's easy to plan, evaluate and archive your trips into the wild green by QLandkarte.


Source code:

Compiling on Windows:

QLandkarte GT is known to run on 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. To install, download and run the latest version of the installer. The QLandkarte GT depends on vcredist_x86.exe and will pull it in as part of the installation. If is is already installed on your system, you can safely deselect it at the installer.

I've installed it on my PortableApps USB drive and found it to work in my home PC (WinXP) and office PC (Win7). At the office there is a local installation too and it detects it, plus the locally installed maps.

When installing the Windows binaries there is an option:
"Create shortcuts (make portable) - yes/no"
but it doesn't avoid that files get stored locally...

I use PortableApps for a long time and would be happy to make a donation if you got this one to work Wink