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Photoscape Portable

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Photoscape Portable

Hello everybody,

would it be possible to make a portable version of Photoscape?

I know it's not Open Source but it's Freeware.
The license states the following:

You can use Photoscape at home or school or office or company or internet cafe for all purposes.
You cannot sell or do any monetization related activity but you can download/install/give/send Photoscape to your family, friends, students and company colleagues.
You cannot modify or disassemble Photoscape and you cannot use Photoscape for illegal purposes.
Again, this agreement allows anybody to use Photoscape anytime on any PC free of charge.
If you have any question regarding the terms of selling or monetization with business or commercial purposes, please contact us at

I'm not sure about the "modify" part of the license. Or would it be possible to make an online installer?

Thanks. Smile