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compose font doesn't change

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compose font doesn't change

i changed my tb display font via options->display->formatting->fonts->advanced. according to this should also affect the compose window.
but it doesn't: the main display window is changed to the font i want, but when i write a new mail or reply, the font in the compose window is still unchanged (some monospace, which i dont like.)
i also switched the html option of my accounts off, so i only send plain text.

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not sure what you are after

On one side you want have some specific fonts, but on the other hand you did switch off the html.

Well to switch off html is best idea and then you are composing and sending only simple text without any information abt format etc.

Any formating information can be used only when you use html. But then still you have to know what operating system and fonts has the recipient as when the required font is not available on the target machine, some default font will take over.

So best switch off html, which is only generating overhead traffic for nothing and use the font offered as defoult.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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