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Wireshark is already packaged

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Wireshark is already packaged


There are many threads on forums about Wireshark but I wanna ask it again because other threads are old.

Wireshark is already packaged on it's official site:

Why we don't copy it on our download list. So we can get the updates automatically. Otherwise we need to check updates manually everytime.

Also it would be nice to see it on the list for new user who are lookig this site.

(LibreOffice also officially packages as paf but we have add it on our list.)

Thank you

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wireshark not useful alone

The current version of wireshark is kind of problematic, as it asks me to install the pcap first and only then I can use wireshark.

Strange, earlier versions did temporary install the pcap and uninstalled it again. Well it was not 100% unistalled, but attempt was done.
I think when a software does require first to install specific drivers on the host machine and has updates almost daily it is kind of difficult to handle.

I myself use it also often, but the I fetch some current version from their website when I am going to work with it. If I do not work with it, I dont bother abt updating it sometimes more then onece a day.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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