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TBP can't connect at work

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TBP can't connect at work

Tried the three different security settings at work but can't get TBP to access my personal POP mail accounts. I have just managed to get it working for my work address but replicating the settings (IMAP server, SSL connection, outgoing server TLS if available).

What have I got wrong?

Would I need to reset the default outgoing server each time I use a new computer with different internet connections??

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Same type of problem here...

Also trying to access POP emails (which are POP email accounts through my hosting company for my home business) here at work through TBP. Using direct connection internet setting but not receiving emails. I tried entering our proxy info, again no emails. I have Firefox (not portable) here at work set to direct connect and it works fine.

And what's interesting I can access my other POPs through my personal yahoo email account using the same settings for the POP as I have setup up in TBP. Why can I in yahoo and not TBP??

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