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uTorrent - after update , it lost all torrents

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uTorrent - after update , it lost all torrents

It continued to try and update. It would practically FORCE me to update. So I did. Then there were no torrents visible. I checked to make sure the folders were all in the same location and ALL the information was there.

So I moved the torrent folder and the downloaded date and reinstalled uTorrent. Moved everything back and when it opened again, it worked.

It lasted about 2 weeks. Then it came up one day after my laptop was unplugged accidentally and no torrents again! I deleted the uTorrent again - keeping the torrents themselves and the downloaded data.
AND IT WONT WORK. When I go to download uTorrent again, it is not even in the list programs available.

I download the program separately and install it and nothing I can do will make it see my data or torrents. When I go to try and open the program up, it starts to go thru the install C drive and not portable. Even when I open it up from inside the portable apps program!

It all started with the update coming out for 3.3.1.

I am on a windows 7 machine.