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Wise Program Uninstaller license question

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Wise Program Uninstaller license question

I have a question about the license for Wise Program Uninstaller Portable. On the update pages here, I see "Wise Program Uninstaller is freeware for personal and educational use." But, on their own site ( I see "Wise Uninstaller is another freeware from All users are free to use it, update it and get the basic technical support on it."

Is the portable apps version more restrictive than the installed version, or might this happen to be a mistake...?

I'm not sure this is technically a support question, but it's the best slot I can find.

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PortableApps does not place

PortableApps does not place any further restrictions on app usage and distribution than the original app does.

That said, the page you are quoting from does not match up to what the License Agreement inside the WPU installer says, which is:

You can feel free to use and distribute this program, license grants the End User to install the Software Product in non-commercial environment and for non-commercial purpose.

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