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MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

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MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

Name of the program: MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

Website for the program:

Description: MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition è un software gratuito di gestione delle partizioni progettato da MiniTool Solution Ltd. La nostra Partition Manager supporta il sistema operativo Windows a 32/64 bit, compreso Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 e Windows 8. Gli utenti privati ​​possono eseguire operazioni complicate partizioni utilizzando questo potente ma libero Partition Manager per gestire i loro hard disk. Le funzioni includono: il ridimensionamento delle partizioni , partizioni Copiare , creare le partizioni , estendere le partizioni , Split Partition , Elimina partizione , partizione Format , Convertire partizione , Esplora partizione , partizione Hide , Cambia lettera , Imposta partizione attiva , la partizione di ripristino .
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition è designato per il solo utente domestico, per usare MiniTool Partition Wizard in un ambiente aziendale, è necessario MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition.

License: Private Edition Free

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I could use this. It is TOP
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Me to.

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Licensing issues

The problem here is that you would need permission from the developers, which very probably won't happen. The product is still commercial, and so even though it's "free", can't be included in PortableApps.

~ shnbwmn

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it works so well it doesn't need to be a PA

I think people sometimes forget what PA is about. Mini Tool Partition Wizard doesn't need to be f*cked about to make it portable.


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MiniTool Partition Wizard

I love this application,and have a licensed Pro version (I was formerly and IT guy), but if using it for a home computer (not commercially) it has a free version. They have a portable version I have included on a non-menu flash drive I use for virus and malware removal, however I would like to add it to my PortableApps (PA) drive and have it in the menu. I haven't looked extensively at the PA instructions lately, so I might be able to add it myself, but I feel a lot of others could benefit from this application as a standard application on the full download. .

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it is simple

Otto Sykora
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Portable MiniTools

Progress is mans ability to complicate simplicity

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MiniTool partition wizard11.6 new released

MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.6 new released for all Windows users. For the new version, it has added Spanish as an optional language. It can be installed online and provides the free backup software MiniTool ShadowMaker and updates the Data Recovery module to its latest build.

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