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YodaNote Portable 0.3 Development Test 1

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YodaNote Portable 0.3 Development Test 1

Application: YodaNote
Category: Office
Description: YodaNote is one note-taking software,run on Android,Windows,Linux and Mac OS,it provide real WYSIWYG Editing for Android based on HTML and JavaScript,cardview-style and editing-in-place,YodaNote do not provide storage by itself,but use yourselft public cloud stroage as backend,such as your Dropbox or Box storage.
YodaNote provide multi-level tree structure with customizable node icon and style,it is also easy to change note background color and image.

Download YodaNote 0.3 Development Test 1 [14.4MB download / 48MB installed]
(MD5: 16dcbc655bb8f7e3d6655663c75b38db)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2013-10-09):

  • Support user profile automatic update.
  • Support insert ASCII,Emoticon and GIF file.
  • Support tips message bar like Android toast text.
  • Add random background color for new notes.