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Pidgin: Gaim 2.0beta5 Error on WinMe

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Pidgin: Gaim 2.0beta5 Error on WinMe

Yesterday I install the Portable Suite Standard Edition on a 512mb usb drive, all the applications works properly on WinXP (the pc that I have at home), but when I try to run GaimPortable2.0beta5 on a PC with WinMe (my pc at work) I get two Error messages, the first one said "Pango-ERROR **. Unable to create Win32 cairo scaled font. This means out of memory or a cairo/fontconfig/FreeType bug aborting...", the other one said "Runtime Error! Program: G:\PortableApps\GaimPortable\App\Gaim\Gaim.exe abnormal program termination", does any one know how to fix this situation? thanks.

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i am having this problem also.
the same error message pops up when i try to run the gimp

im pretty sure the version of gtk is not functional with windows ME
if you find a solution email me.

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I can confirm that the new release no longer works on Win 9x. It happens even with a non-UPXed copy. It looks like Gaim has dropped support for pre-Win2K in the 2.0 release line.

The good news is that it seems like you can get Gaim Portable 2.0 B5 working in Win9x by downloading an older Gaim Portable and replacing the GaimPortable\App\GTK directory with the older version. If some other folks could verify that this is the case, please post back and I'll package up an add-on of just the GTK you need and release it as a patch to enable Win 9x.

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I downloaded v1.5 from and followed instructions for replacing GTK directory. This cured the fault on my WinME system.

Many thanks.

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