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jPortable Installer Cannot Download Java

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jPortable Installer Cannot Download Java

I have just downloaded and tried to install both jPortable x86 and x64 but the installer failed because it said it could not download Java and the error message was: (ERROR:SendRequest Error). Is there a problem with where the portable app is trying to download Java from?

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jPortable download error

I too am experiencing this problem, after trying to install jPortable on two different computers. If anyone can shed light on the problem or situation it would be most appreciated.

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I am also having this same

I am also having this same problem. It is getting very irritating.

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Java Download Server Offline, Workaround

This is due to an issue on Oracle's servers. Java downloads are currently offline.

You can manually download it from Oracle's secondary servers on this page here:

Agree to the license and download the jre-7u40-windows-i586.exe file. Place it in the same directory as the jPortable 32 installer and the installer will use that to create portable java. You can do the same with the jre-7u40-windows-x64.exe file and the jPortable 64 installer.

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Looks like Oracle's Java

Looks like Oracle's Java downloads server is back online. I just visted the downloads page and was able to download the Java installer.

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Has jportable updated?

Now it is 2021,Java 7 has been unable to be downloaded,and jre-7u40-windows-i586.exe can’t be found any more.Has jportable updated to work with Java 8?If not,how should I use portable Java-needed softwares?

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