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Downloading Bug

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Downloading Bug

I am not sure the version number... but the version that I had found in the Suite seems to have problems downloading plugins, stuff from here, ANYTHING.

It works at times, and others it does not.

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This is called "variable network timing"

You'll find this true when networks are busy - especially on slower flash devices. First time it fails; second or third time it works. This is NOT a bug in the software, just a consequence of sharing the internet with a gazillion other people who want the same resource. I routinely have to try a few times to download a popular add-in for portable firefox.

If software WAITS forever for a download, people claim "Oh, a bug - it hung". If software DOES NOT wait long enough, people claim "Oh, a bug - it failed to download".

What to do? Who to blame? Smile It is part of modern online life.

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