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Claws Mail

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Claws Mail

Any chance someone could add claws mail to portableapps?

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Extra information

Can you update your post according to the unofficial guidelines? Things like a website and license are useful when developers look through here to find new projects to work on.

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Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an email client, refer It is distributed under the GPL. Some developers have done some work (about July 2012) on making earlier versions of it portable but these never seem to have made it as a final portableapp.


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Any Conclusion?


Is there a final conclusion regarding a portable version of Claws Mail?

Would have been nice to have an alternative to Thunderbird.

Besides of being faster than Thunderbird I have some thoughts on also using Claws Mail with GNU/Linux and maybe if possible using the same mail files directly on the usb drive.


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Do you have news for us?

I try Sylpheed & Claws every now and then and so far have always come back to TB. To save me and other people looking at them again has anything changed that you think we should take notice of ?

From memory Sylpheed never seems to offer any advantage over TB and Claws on Win never seems to make much progress towards being a finished / stable thing.


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Trying to save you some time

I used Thunderbird for 8 (or so) years (it's great!), but switched to Claws a few years ago. It is a huge step forward.

For example,

Almost everything can be controlled by the user. Claws offers great flexibility when it comes to using several different addresses and replying with different reply-to addresses.

Claws also offers an easy way to alter the templates used when replying to and/or forwarding messages.

Claws is a lot faster than Thunderbird.

Claws uses a very intuitive and robust way of storing emails, one file per message. One damaged file can cause huge damage on Thunderbird email storage, because all messages in a mail folder are stored in a single file.

The Portableapps collection is great, but the email clients section is *very* thin, modestly speaking. Adding Claws would really change that.

(edit: I use Claws on a Linux system, don't know about stability issues in Windows)

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