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Watching videos while screen does not darkens - portable mode?

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Watching videos while screen does not darkens - portable mode?

I am not quite sure how it works on Windows but the basic setting is if you don't touch it the screen darkens (on a laptop). So far so good.

What is the case if you watch a video
- With a dedicated player such as VLC?
- A Flash or HTML5 video on the web?

I don't watch that much videos or even if I watch I rewind them all the time to catch some key phrases or the videos are too short anyway to have the time for the screen to darken.

I just watched the Apple Keynote yesterday in the browser with QuickTime and it darkened. Just wonder if it is the case with web Flash and HTML5 and VLC or what is the portable solution for the screen not to darken when you watch a video but darken otherwise?

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It's a laptop setting that

It's a laptop setting that darkens the screen. Any inactivity by the user will trigger it. It's probably a power saver setting or a screen setting to prevent image burning on the LCD.

I'm not sure if its the same thing on Mac but on windows it's usually under power management or in that general area. I could even be under the display settings. I don't have a mac to confirm that.

The only thing (outside of messing w/ those settings) that can keep it from dimming is putting the video in full screen. Otherwise just tap the mouse (or touch-pad) to prove some user activity.

I hope it helps.

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