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Hi all,

A sugestion for new app, but I don't know if it can be supported because, it is only in french. It is Captvty ( which is an app permitting through it to access to many tv program available online.
The app is already working as a portable apps (zip or .exe), so it can maybe be easy to port it on PortableApps?


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I'm not certain, but I don't think it's legal. TV companies make money by having you pay for reception, and every way to get it through the internet has you pay for it either with a TON of ads or with a subscription. I'm just going to say this, I don't know how the app works. I can't use it because I don't speak french!

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Seems Legit

According to their FAQ it is legal.

It amazes me that on the internet you can be anything you want, and yet so many people still choose to be idiots.

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captvty 2 captvty 3 alpha

1. I confirm it is legal.

It is just an aggregator of several tv web sites where you can view freely the station or some replays.

2. I suggest this year to the dev to create a Windows portable version. This avoids to search what libraries to set up according to run with wine.

For captvty 2 there is a help for Linux users supplied by an Ubuntu user, but for captvty 3 there is no help. If you are not a windows dev then no chance to run the version 3. Since several last versions, captvty3 does not run.

Since many months we cannot view several stations with captvty 2, but we can view them with captvty 3 till it crash with last versions. Perhaps he abandons slowly the version 2.

There is a critical need to get a portable version.

for captvty2 see what we must do to run it with wine:

captvty 2 is a .net 4.0 app
captvty 3 is a .net 4.5 app


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