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Android Request - Audacity is an amazing voice recorder with full Edit features

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Jim C
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Android Request - Audacity is an amazing voice recorder with full Edit features

I have not found a better voice recorder on the market then Audacity when I was using my Palm phone (ancestor of today's smart phone). Its edit features are second to none. Unfortunately an App has not been developed for this product for Android Smart Phones (or any smart phone as far as I am aware). The apps that are available for Android lack any significant editing features whatsoever.

So I am requesting developers on this site consider creating an Audacity App for Android. As a customer I would happily pay for the app. I will donate on this site as well, but I don't see why asking every customer to pay $5 or even $10 would be unreasonable given Audacity's reputation and reliability.

John T. Haller
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Wrong Place

We package apps for portable use (USB drive, cloud, etc) on Windows operating systems and Linux/Mac via WINE. We have nothing to do with Android. You'd want to ask over at the Audacity website.

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Yeah, you can't make apps

Yeah, you can't make apps that are compatible with Android AND Windows. Emulation is a maybe, but it's complicated because Android doesn't even have the frame concept of Windows, and also Android is a touch platform, not a mouse-and-keyboard platform. It may be possible to make an emulator, but it'd be much more complicated than WINE.

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