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Copying my computer's entire TB profile into TB portable

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Copying my computer's entire TB profile into TB portable

I'm using the full version of Thunderbird (v.24.1) on my computer, and the portable version on my USB drive. I'm using Win7 64 bit on my computer.

I've spent a day trying to copy my six email accounts, along with my contacts, current email and their folders, personal settings, and pluggins from my computer and into my portable version. I saw further down under the download link some brief instructions on how to do this within the FAQ area, but either I'm doing it incorrectly, the instructions are old, or the portable version doesn't have a way to utilize all of my transferred items.

After following the instructions on PortableApps, the portable version of TB doesn't seem to see the accounts and contacts that I copied over to my USB and into the TB folder.

I also erased and reinstall the USB version and went through many of the folders and saw various text files that provided brief instructions to copy certain transferred files into those various locations, but the portable version still doesn't seem to see my transferred files.

Are there more detailed instructions on how I can do this? Thanks for any insights and help! Smile