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Folder Structure

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Folder Structure

Its really a very minor issue but...
Could the documents folder be renamed to PortableFiles or My Files or something similiar?
Then the Documents, Videos, Music, etc folders reside inside it?I personally configure my desktop this way its more organized especially once other apps start adding there own folders to the structure.
I could shoot Microsoft for starting this configuration to begin with.
This structure makes more sense..


Like I said its a minor issue, for now I just made it Documents\Documents to mimic my current structure it just seems redundant that way.

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Top of the Pops

I would like to add a shortcut the my current project.

Being a contractor I work on short projects. So it would be nice to have a shortcut to my active projects on the right side where documents, pictures and videos are.

So when you start a new project you simple change the shortcut to reflect the new project.

On PStart this shortcut was (still is) just one of my "programs" but having it on PAM would be ideal.

Not sure if this is along the lines you were thinking with all the other planned enhancements?


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