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I am curious for how we get permission for apps to make them portable? It is enough if any of us send to company of app to ask them if we can make their app portable? If they will answer OK, it would be legally enough?

Thank you

Gord Caswell
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Yes, mostly.

Basically, the preferred method is for an interested developer to contact the publisher directly, rather than a random user, as that user may not be able to answer technical questions.

As a developer, if I'm interested in an app that's freeware, I contact the publisher directly, using whatever method they prefer, whether that be email, a contact form, or a forum, and request permission to package their app in Format, with an explanation of what the format is, why it benefits them, and indicate they can contact me with questions.

If they state it's ok to continue, I package their app, and include the permission either directly in the dev test topic, or linked from it. In either case, I sanitize personal information prior to posting the permission.

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