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League of Legends

i have done some research and i havent found any league of legends portable now i don't know how to make a program portable but i know there are amazing developers out there so anyone interested i asked Riot Games player support to if i could get permission for making the game portable and here is there reply :

Lazy Miming (League of Legends Player Support)

Nov 17 12:30 (PST)


While we don't grant commercial rights to our content, we have a fairly thorough explanation of our stance on the use of the League of Legends IP here:

Basically, as long as your endeavor is not for-profit, we're fine with you using League as the basis for a fan project. Be sure to read the legal page carefully, though, as there are some exceptions.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Biggrin

Player Support Specialist
Riot Games