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All emails, folders and filters...LOST!

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All emails, folders and filters...LOST!


I've updated to 24.1.1 on Windows 7 and now when i start Tbird everything has gone. It's as if Thunderbird doesn't know where to look for the account info and folders..etc.

This may well be the case, but i don't know how to tell it where to look, as there are loads of folders in the profile directory and i have no idea which are which or how to find my email accounts info.

I have multiple accounts i need to access daily, so I am in the hands of you guys as I am right in the poo now!

The thunderbird.ini file is pointing to the right place but nothing seems to be showing. If i just re-add the accounts i'd be re-creating storage folders and not re-attaching archives of emails and so re-installing an older version doesn't work either.

Can anybody please please help me??


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Wow - the exact same thing

Wow - my mail was working just fine earlier today. I haven't experienced a update though - but the entire directory was gone - period! I did a backup just yesterday so I simply copied my day old copy over and it works again. Something is wrong if both of us experienced the same thing. Scary...

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Everything gone after updating

Till 24.2 everything went fine, but this time I installed 24.2 and everything is gone.

TB is installed on my USB stick and I am lucky I had a backup.

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maybe connected to IMAP?

In order to save all the mails from an IMAP account that will be closed down very soon I used an already installed Thunderbird on Windows xp ( after deleting the existing profile first ). All mails were downloaded. I closed Thunderbird and copied the files within the ....default folder to Thunderbird Portable's (24.2.0) Data/profile folder. When I started ThunderbirdPortable the first the mails and folders were there. However, after starting it a second time everything was gone e.g. the Inbox file shrank from 650MB to 2MB. I tried it three times. No problem with the locally installed Thunderbird I used to save the mails. The local copies of the mails aren't deleted there.

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So sorry I didn't come back

So sorry I didn't come back to this topic, but I did find a solution.

Backup you prefs.js file and all is good. When the Tbird update is finished, replace the new prefs.js file with your backed up one and Tbird will have all of you accounts info and settings and know where to find everything.

I know I'm 3 1/2 years late, but better late than never. Someone still might be looking for this answer.

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