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PNote Fonts

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PNote Fonts

I installed PNotes on my pc. The fonts are too small default Microsoft San Serif, 8pt. I change font type & size for Content and Caption but the Content never updates itself. I can't find any other way to accomplish it. I also have a few notes with 'Untitled' options... and don't know how to change that either.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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You can change the default font by right clicking on the PNotes tray icon and clicking on preferences, then click the "Appearance" tab and you will see the "Change Font" under the edit section. (It is noted that the new font will only be used with newly created notes, so you will likely have to copy and paste your older notes into a new one to change the font to the desired.)

As for the "untitled" notes, I assume you are referring to the naming of saved notes. To change this you will go to the "Behavior" tab and change the drop down menu next to "Use following as default name of new note" to the desired action.

Hope this helps!

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