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Protect PortableFirefox For Public Users

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Protect PortableFirefox For Public Users

this’s what i want to do
i want to make some public users access an account i have , every one at the same time so i think of making portable browser with prefigured setting the most important of them is the proxy and the session cookies
so i search over Google and found some good add-ones to secure the browser from missing with the browser because some users do mistakes
so i installed these addons with description why i did
1.public fox “to luck all menus with password
2.addblock plug + Element Hiding Helper for abp “to hide some buttons in the page of the account i want to share it like logout button and delete files editor II “to hide right click menu and keep only what i want them to use”
4.customizable-shortcuts ” to change all shortcuts in Firefox so they wont access it like print and option and add-ones page”
5.App button remove 1.0 “to remove Firefox orange button on top left”
so now i tested this portable browser and gave it to users and within 10 minutes users complain about login message in the account i provided the cookie for !!! so i know hwo did it and ask him how ????
he answer that ” i go in profile folder and remove all add-ones and start the browser again without any security and changed the proxy and log-out”
so until now i asked a lot of experts about how to secure the profile folder and give permission only to the Firefox or is there any way to hide these add-ones??? or can the changes made by public fox be mandatory so in case of plugin removed the setting still working ?
or can i make all the browser only 1 file ??? so no one will find files to delete only 1 executable app launch the browser without even using temp folder ???
i really appreciate if you help me with this because i need it .