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command before and after

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command before and after

hello Smile

I trying create a fully portable app launcher and I find some difficulties.

What I need is launch command before and after myportableapp.exe

sequence example:
1. command for windows firewall create exception
2. ProgramExecutable=myportableapp.exe
3. command for windows firewall delete exception

What I know so Launcher cant execute more than 1 exe/command at once Sad

any advice? Smile

John T. Haller
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Custom Code

You'll need to use custom code to handle that. It's detailed in the manual for the PA.c Launcher. You will need to learn some NSIS to be able to do it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Ken Herbert
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Just remember a few

Just remember a few points:

1) Adding/removing exceptions for Windows Firewall won't help you if another firewall is installed, they will still need to be manually handled.
2) If you run it on a computer where the current user doesn't have permission to add exceptions to Windows Firewall, it won't work.
3) If you are planning to post the app here as a beta test, I would advise against automating something like that as some users may not want to automatically allow access to the app on every computer on which the app is run.

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I dont know about your

I dont know about your question but please let me know if you find how to block portable apps with Windows default Firewall. Here: I asked it but it could not find anything..


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firewall exception command is

firewall exception command is only for EXAMPLE!

I simply need find a way how to execute more exe's or commands before and after launching main portable app.exe

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