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List Root Folders

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Fred Pinto
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List Root Folders

How about it?
The menu would scan the root for folders and list them below the standard ones (docs, music, pics...)?

Ok, you have the explore button that kind of makes the above redundant. But still, it would look more personal and dynamic... and be in tune with what the apps section of the menu already does.


I ran a test:

1- add a new app ("whatever.exe") to a new folder in PortableApps
1- refresh the menu which added "whatever.exe" to the list
2- close the menu (really close, cicking the X)
3- rename "whatever.exe" to "whatever.exe_"
4- open the menu

I expected the "whatever.exe" entry to be gone, it wasn't, the line was still there with a generic icon...

Great work, each one of the portable apps. Fantastic idea, the Suite!

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Yeah perhaps it should do

Yeah perhaps it should do that instead of currently having music, video etc. I don't have any music or video on mine, only normal documents!

I have subfolders within my documents folder, and would rather see these than the current standard ones please!

Ryan McCue
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But I might be adding some.
Off-topic: John, where'd you get the icons or did you make them yourself, cause they look great!
Ryan McCue
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