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Edit GoogleChromePortable.exe

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Edit GoogleChromePortable.exe


how can i edit the portable Launcher(GoogleChromePortable.exe) for Chrome?

e.g. Add custom command line flags or change the profil directory.

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Recompile from Source

The source-code to the PA apps seems to be no longer on SourceForge, but the Chrome Portable installer seems to include it with the installation, in ...\GoogleChromePortable\Other\Source.

Not sure which files you will need, but I'd guess GoogleChromePortable.nsi

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Yes, it looks like the source for this specific app isn't on SourceForge at the moment, likely simply an oversight when all the source packages were moved to a single directory.

On the other hand, that directory includes sources for the base apps, which we don't have, and as you've rightly indicated, in this case, the applicable source file is included with the app. Accordingly, it may have been done intentionally. John'd be the one to answer that question.

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No Source For Google Chrome

We don't distribute the source for Google Chrome for two reasons. (1) We don't distribute Google Chrome, we distribute an online installer that downloads it from Google, so we have no legal or moral obligation to distribute it, and (2) Google Chrome is a technically freeware app as it has closed source components. It is based on the open source Chromium source (which we link to), but Chrome itself is not considered a free and open source app.

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You don't need to recompile the app.

Move the GoogleChromePortable.ini file from Other/Source next to the GoogleChromePortable.exe, and add your command line arguments under AdditionalParameters.

@romulous, you've been here long enough to know that... Please don't scare users with "you need to recompile" if there is no need to.

Even if *Portable.ini stopped working in Google Chrome that I'm unaware of, there are other solutions easier than recompiling.

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I have tried this with the

I have tried this with the line:
AdditionalParameters= --single-process

When it loads, it works and uses only a single chrome.exe under the PA.c launcher. However after about 3 seconds they both close and the browser never shows up on the screen even. Im trying to make it so that theres not a huge list of chrome.exe instances for all the extensions installed.

Btw this is with the newest version 35.

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I confirm, I tried that using

I confirm, I tried that using version 42 and it's not working, so is there any workaround?

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