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White text on white background

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White text on white background

PortableApps Menu makes an annoying mistake than I have seen many programs make.

It uses the system color Window Text for the text, and then manually defines white as the background color for the text.

This creates problems when Window Text is defined as white, because then the text is unreadable. The unhelpful tooltip "Click to launch this app" only adds to the aggravation. Since not every one of my apps has an icon I am forced to change my system colors just to use this app.

Standard solutions for this problem in any app are:
1) Change the background to use the system color Window.
or 2) Change the text to use the hardcoded color back.

Solution 2 would work best in this instance.

I really like PortaleApps Menu's feel but I will probably switch back to PStart because of the long start time (if you have many apps) and the insane difference in customization possibilities.

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It *was* a bug

It was a bug in the 1.0 release. The 1.0.1 release (which is linked to right below the download buttons because everyone should upgrade to it) already fixes this. 1.0.2 is in testing and fixes a few other things.

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