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window xp/7 password cracker portable

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window xp/7 password cracker portable

I need a portable version of 'cain & abel' or 'john the ripper' window password cracking software to recover admin password of my dad's laptop. He forgot the admin password and thus I am not able to install anything under guest login as it is blocked by admin. I guess I need portable version of these password cracking tools to gain back admin privileges Smile

Please help.

Thanks in advance guys!!

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Portable still admin

Apps that need administrative rights still need those rights when they are made portable. That being said, try chntpw. It's meant to be booted to and thus doesn't require admin privileges to work. Be very careful with it as it is a very powerful tool and could do damage to your computer if you don't use it correctly.

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Orphcrack.....runs from CD

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