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Need to find out how to re-enable crash reporting, since FF portable crashing

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Need to find out how to re-enable crash reporting, since FF portable crashing

I understand crash reporting was disabled in April, because it could not be made properly portable. But, as one of the users who uses portable apps flat on a PC, I'd like to be able to re-enable the crash reporting. The directories are still being created/updated with today's date, but there's no crash report in them. I've looked around, but other than the note that crash reporting is disabled by default now, there's no indication on how to re-enable it (and the .ini has enabled=1).

Would it be possible to get some documentation on how to re-enable the crash reporting?


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FF Portable 28.0 crashing

Is there a way to re-enable crash reporting on FF Portable? I haven't really missed it previously since crashes were so infrequent. Since the update to FF 28.0, though, I've been having fairly regular crashes...on the same system that ran the previous version without problems. I'd really like to be able to send crash reports in hopes that they'd get fixed. Is there any way to do so?

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It's likely an extension which claims to be 28.0 compatible but is not. It usually only happens with extensions obtained from somewhere other than Mozilla. 28 is solid here. You can enable them within the Options (or possible about:config if I recall). They're just turned off. We didn't remove it.

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