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App launching process

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App launching process

Hi John,

I am a little bit confused about the app launching process.
So this is what I did so far.

According to the documentation I created an application folder AppName for my app. In this I put my AppName.exe. After that I created sub folders App\AppInfo and App\AppName.
In the folder App\AppInfo I created a file appinfo.ini holding the settings for the appearance in the platform and the appicon.ico file.
In the folder App\AppName I simply put the file AppName.exe.
Now I created a folder App\AppInfo\Launch and there I created a file AppName.ini. This contains


The appearance in the platform is fine. Also the app gets started properly and works fine.

But if I had a closer look I recognized that always the AppName.exe in the main folder AppName gets started.
Refering to the documentation with this configuration I would expect the AppName.exe in folder App\AppName to be started with the CommandLineArguments because the documentation says that the lookup starts from folder AppName\App as it does for the files appinfo.ini and appicon.ico in folder AppName\App\AppInfo.

So what am I missing? Is there something wrong in my config?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards