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Pidgin: TheHacker Trojan/Qhost.oba 20140222

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Pidgin: TheHacker Trojan/Qhost.oba 20140222


What use secure when the software has a virus in it.
I intended to use the GPG plugin.

Unpacked and put into a directory, after sent to VirusTotal.


John T. Haller
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False Positive

That's what's referred to as a false positive. A major point of is so you can analyze a file against over 3 dozen antivirus engines to (1) as a publisher, determine what antivirus engines are alerting on your app falsely and (2) as a user, weed out false positives from poorly performing engines. As you can see from your results, only the relatively unknown 'TheHacker' is throwing an alert, while all the well-known and respected antivirus engines show is (correctly) as clean.

If you care about TheHacker, inform them of their issue. If you don't, you can feel secure in the results of every single other antivirus engine. Kasperskey, Norton, Comodo, Microsoft, TrendMicro, etc all correctly identify the files as 100% clean.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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