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firefox slow for one user

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firefox slow for one user

off topic, as it concerns installed firefox, not the portable one.

On one installation of w7 32bit, I have firefox to load the site (and every other too) in abt 20min and it is still not complete.

IE, Chrome, FFportable all work as expected.
The problem is ***for one user only*** there are other two users on the same machine and the FF behaves normal there.

So far tried:
uninstall firefox
remove all traces of mozilla firefox from this users appdata profile include all cache etc
remove all keys related to mozilla or firefox from this users registry part
set all users to admin privileges
remove all extensions
reinstall clean firefox

so far no luck, all pages load correct, but in general never finish loading, average page takes some 15-30mins to load.

Have searched net, but so far all advises found failed. Any idea or experience with it?

further tests:
run FF in protected mode
reset FF
disable firewall temporary
disable all found plugins

had also no effect, still dead slow for that user

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Internet Explorer Very Slow on One User Account Only:

Last seen: 10 hours 49 min ago
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not exactly

the problem is solved now.

The idea with the resetting the user account does work, but well this is same as creating new account which then all does work. I did create new windows use account and clearly all did work in it.

Returned to the old trouble user acc and there still only the installed FF is extremely slow.

Compared the settings and reports obtained via help-info for troubleshooting with the same set for the portable one, no real difference found.

Again cleaned up all traces of firefox and mozilla in the user space and registry of the particular user.

Installed firefox: still slow

going again to check every single setting in the newly installed firefox, I found that in the tab network, there was ticked 'find proxy setting for this network automatically'.
Why I have no idea, even I cleared all relevant settings this did come up apparently with each installation again.
Set this to 'no proxy' (as there is no proxy available now) and all works as expected now on all accounts.

We have to learn all life long!

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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