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Bluetooth File Transfer (PC)

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Bluetooth File Transfer (PC)

so i was wondering if someone could make Bluetooth File Transfer (PC) portable
link to it is here

my english suck but if i understand it good author supports open source and gpl what ever that mean

i am able to transfer copy folder of program to other machine and than copy some .dll's and folders from windows which it install

but i cant bypass fact that it shows that i have unregistered version

when i install it than its registered cause software is free i think
well i donwloaded it from author's site installed and it says registered!

sam folder copied to other machine after launching program gives error and wont run
but after adding that dlls and folders it placed upon installation in windows folder it launches just fine giving 1 error and warning me i have unregistered version

so it would be cool if someone could make it portable

or maybe is there some portable bluetooth file transfer app on portable apps ? i used search feature and found only posts about bluesolei