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which functionality should i reactivate for firefox to start ?

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which functionality should i reactivate for firefox to start ?


firefox too long ( one of the three best web browser ) does not work anymore it is not tolerable . (3 bug is present , * does not start * runs for less than a minute then freeze * windowed mode without failure)

on (more than 3 ) virtual machine it works very well

I 'm only talking about windows 7 integrale x64 ! fully updated via windows update!

the problem is recurring since 6 ( a bit more ) last firefox (currently tested with 27.0.1 )

this is not normal! firefox does not work because paleMoon works!

on the pc or firefox does not work there is no external software security a ( mi) crosoft . to my knowledge the only security crosoft I is the windobe by fire ( it would be great to disable it too, but apparently some unique software / useful (and other essential has windows) requires this security crap )

this is what I disabled :

* Execution Prevention data via cmd bcdedit.exe / set {current} nx AlwaysOff ( win + r in cmd)

* windows defender , uncheck everything was in its own parameter and services.msc

* control of user account control panel. in the search box , type control user account, and then click Change settings User Account Control

* and another app " security " which removed the shortcuts buwo and this has been disable by going to Control Panel \ All Control Panels \ Troubleshooting and disable the Chapter Edit Settings box

here is what is settle differently :
* Windows Firewall with Advanced Security + msconfig functions ; / watch v = jsvgOCoDDw8 ?

* services.msc ; / watch v = zJAtog4SsKw ?

ps : maybe it does not work because there has Windob things corompu ( would you fix it a Type single or multiple test ?)

ps ( playstation ) 2: it is a fact there are things ( securitées windows) I do not know , and others which i forget (because no download tutorials net ) . ( what can I deactivated securitées to try to repair this damn firefox ?)

ps3 if I forget something or if you have an idea (s) that I have not thought please do not hesitate to let me know

ps4 : if this is the problem ca vien btw (incompatible / conflict software / hardware ) (or other choze ... )