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Firefox Portable History and Cache

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Firefox Portable History and Cache

I selected Firefox Portable so I could run it on my PC (Windows 7) in drive D (secondary hard drive) and avoid excessive writing to primary drive C (SSD). I'm trying to find where history and other data are stored so I can use CCleaner to occasionally securely overwrite it. I've searched the various Firefox files on drive D and have been unsuccessful in finding the specific file that stores this information. I know it is being stored because by clicking on the Firefox tab and selecting History, I can see the list of sites I visited today and yesterday. Can someone please help me identify this mystery file?

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Firefox stores it all in a single database. If you want to clear your history, do it from within Firefox itself (Firefox - History - Clear Recent History - then select what you want to delete). CCleaner doesn't erase your history any more 'securely' than Firefox itself does.

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