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PortableApps Firefox not starting

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PortableApps Firefox not starting

As from last week, the Firefox PortableApp is no longer starting. When I click the icon, or try to start it from its folder, I see the startup window (that says Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition) but then nothing more.

There does not seem to be any avaliable updates, I am running PortableApps v. 11.2 and Firefox v 28.0. My other portable apps works, so this seem to be a specific Firefox PortableApp problem. I have tried it on another computer but had the same problem. I use PCs.

What can I do to solve this problem? I have come to depend a lot on my Firefox PortableApp and it is very inconvenient to not have it working.

John T. Haller
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Profile Issue

Sounds like a profile issue. You should start it in safe mode by running FirefoxPortable.exe from the command line with -safe-mode as an argument. That may enable you to determine which extension, if any, is causing the issue. It's generally extensions downloaded from somewhere other than Mozilla (a bad idea). It could also be corruption in your profile (more common if on an external drive) in which case a recent backup may be helpful.

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